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The purpose of Evangelistic Education Ministries is to propagate spiritual truth so that men and women may have a saving, subjective experience with Christ based upon objective truth that will enable them to sustain Holiness of Heart.


Welcome to the ministries of Evangelistic Education Ministries. In addition, the material included in this catalog other ministries include NQ Digest a weekly teaching blog emailed each week, and an annual EEM Conference.

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The CD sets listed below may include more than one CD. Each CD may include several teaching sessions. Where available a listing of the teaching sessions will normally be included when CD’s are sent.

Dennis Carroll – a former pastor, now a teacher of God’s word

DC 1 Nature, Character and Government of God 12 sessions
DC 2 Necessity of Death and Resurrection 6 sessions

Harry Conn – a former business executive, business consultant and a lay evangelist/Teacher

HC 1 Atonement 5 sessions
HC 2 Incipiency of the Will 2 sessions
HC 3 Moral Government of God 3 sessions
HC 4 Moral Law 2 sessions

CK Barnes – a teacher and a pastor. Rev Barnes was recorded at an EEM conference

CK 1 The Atonement 5 sessions

Dean Harvey – a former Pastor and a YWAM teacher

DH 1 Broken Heart of God 2 sessions
DH 2 Holiness 2 sessions
DH 3 Ministries 1 session
DH 4 Theological Systems 1 session
DH 5 Beatitudes 6 sessions
DH 6 Sermon on The Mounts 9 sessions
DH 7 Our Misunderstood God 3 sessions
Justice and Mercy
Injustices of Pardon
DH 8 Healing and the Atonement 1 session
DH 9 Daniel – Man of Spiritual Excellence 1 session
DH 10 An Excellent Spirit 1 session

Paris Reidhead – a former pastor and a teacher (1 session each)

PR 1 Ten Shekels and A Shirt
PR 2 So Great a Salvation
PR 3 A Third Generation Religion
PR 4 Doing God’s Work God’s Way
PR 5 The Importance of Fear
PR 6 The Use of The Law
PR 7 Judge Yourself

Gordon Olson – a former engineer, lay preacher, author of “The Truth Will Set You Free”

GO 1 – GO 82 The Foundation Series 82 sessions

Dr. John Sanders Bible teacher, College Professor, Author

JS 1 Openness of God 4 sessions

Dave Coke retired business man; a lay preach; and a pastor of a Church

DCO 1 Atonement 2 sessions
DCO 2 How to overcome sin 1 session
DCO 3 Salvation by Faith 1 session
DCO 4 The Cross – is it about me 1 session
DCO 5 The Law 3 sessions

CD’s of the conference – several teachers on each CD

2013 EEM Conference
2014 EEM Conference
2015 EEM Conference
2016 EEM Conference
2017 EEM Conference


Some of these books are of limited supply. Some are out of print or they are hard to find.

Gordon Olson

The moral Government of God
Entrance of Sin into the World
Holiness and Sin
The Moral Government of God (Digital Edition)
Kingdom of God (a study chart)
The Omniscience of the Godhead
The Foreknowledge of God
What Will Bring Spiritual Awakening?
Lecture 1 Justification by Faith
Lecture 2 True or False Conversion

Ernest Patterson

Examination of the Modern Gospel

PP Waldenstrom

Be Ye Reconciled to God

Charles Finney

Powers from on High
Original Memoirs of Charles Finney

Alfred T Overstreet

Are Men Born Sinners? The Myth of Original Sin

Ted Elliott

Born Sinful (Third Edition)

Michael Saia

Does God Know the Future

Rev Dean Harvey

Pastor, What about Jesus</p?

David Coke

The Atonement of Jesus (A study guide on the Atonement)

Charles E Brewster, Ph.D.

Sophia’s Unfaithful Lovers How Philosophers Have Seduced the Church