Natural Creation in the Fall

NQ Digest – EEM,Inc. – 9-8-18 Natural Creation in the Fall
Jerry L Leavell

At Creation God made the earth to spin around but at the same time He made the earth to turn on its axis turning north and south slowly two times each year. Since June 22 the earth has been slowly turning northward so that the northern hemisphere will be cooler as fall comes and during the winter months come the days are shorter and the sun shines on northern Indiana from a southerly direction. The sun rays are at a more of an angle from the south then directly overhead as in the summer months. During the next few months the temperature will get colder and the earth surface will become colder. This rotation continues northward till December 22 then the earth will begin to rotate back southward as spring comes. Gradually (for example) in northern Indiana the temperature will begin to warm up again. Continue Reading

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