Natural Creation in the Fall

NQ Digest – EEM,Inc. – 9-8-18 Natural Creation in the Fall
Jerry L Leavell

At Creation God made the earth to spin around but at the same time He made the earth to turn on its axis turning north and south slowly two times each year. Since June 22 the earth has been slowly turning northward so that the northern hemisphere will be cooler as fall comes and during the winter months come the days are shorter and the sun shines on northern Indiana from a southerly direction. The sun rays are at a more of an angle from the south then directly overhead as in the summer months. During the next few months the temperature will get colder and the earth surface will become colder. This rotation continues northward till December 22 then the earth will begin to rotate back southward as spring comes. Gradually (for example) in northern Indiana the temperature will begin to warm up again.

The rotation of the earth on its axis allows the southern hemisphere to have periods of warmth just like the northern hemisphere. God created the earth round so that all parts of the earth surface could get exposure to the sun and moon equally. The northern hemisphere is now going towards the fall months – northern Indiana for example is beginning to become cooler – the earth’s surface begins to cool till in the middle of winter the ground becomes cold, so cold the ground will at times freeze – the lakes freeze and if temperature gets low enough for a long enough the rivers will freeze – running water will freeze last.

The non-moral creation is designed by God in the fall to begin preparation for winter temperatures and conditions – trees and some bushes lose their leaves – they have already stored food for the cold and the spring months. Plant life produces seeds or grain or fruit – animals and people harvest the seeds or grain and fruit preparing them for storage for food to eat in the winter.
I have seen squirrels in our back yard collecting walnuts burying them or storing them for food for winter. Some animals put food into storage for the winter months. Farmers with animals work through the summer and fall putting up hay and silage for the winter – in the fall they harvest and store corn silage for the cattle – the cattle and dairy farmers plan to have enough feed stored for the winter to feed their cattle till next season.

As an example, right now in northern Indiana producers are chopping corn silage for storage in silos or huge plastic bags storing to keep the corn silage from molding. The silage is stored in air tight containers so there can be silage fermentation to preserve the feed for cattle. Since cattle are under the care of the farmer, the farmers understand the responsibility to provide feed for the animals.

When fall comes, plants, in God’s creation, make changes producing seed, grain or fruit in preparation for winter, some perennial plants storing food in the root systems so in the spring the plants can use the store ingredients to grow. Perennials are the plants that use the stored plant food ingredients in the root systems to begin their growth in the spring. God created the perennial plants, so they can survive from season to season – annual plants die in the fall producing a seed before they die – in the new season the seeds from the previous year that have fallen to the ground begin to sprout and grow. The previous fall in nature some domesticated plants produce seeds – the seeds from annuals are planted and cultivated – the seeds growing into mature plants producing seed that will be planted the next year.

God created the non-moral creation to sustain itself by producing seeds for the next year.
The animal creation is controlled by instincts – the animal creation prepares to survive through the seasonal changes. During the fall season animals know instinctively to begin preparing for the cold temperatures of winter. The animate creation goes through changes in their body make up – growing more and thicker hair coats and/or storing body fats for winter protection and survival.
Some bird species know when it is time to make get ready for the long flight south to warmer climates knowing when to leave possibly because of day length. The small humming bird is one bird that flies south for the winter – there are many bird species ducks, geese and many others that migrate south for the winter only to return north in the spring to the exact same location as the year before. This is an instinct that is built into the animal and bird species for survival.

In the fall of the year animals begin making seasonal changes for the coming cold to survive the winter. The plant creation makes their seasonal changes for the coming season. The changes in plant leaf colors in the fall are signs the trees are preparing for the cold months – these visual changes that occur every year at about the same time depend on the day length and temperatures to tell them it is time to get ready (as the earth rotates so the sun is more to the south of the northern hemisphere the days get shorter). These changes are natural for the plants made each year – this is God’s design for God’s creation.

Farmers in the corn belt of the mid-west are preparing to begin harvesting the corn and soybean crops. The harvested grain from the corn and beans – is store – the grain is taken to market later so there will be a food supply for all the people during the coming year – the corn and soybean crops are harvested before the winter season comes. In the fall the corn and soybean plants have reached maturity – the plant itself dies and the grain on the plants dries down to a moisture that the grain can be stored without spoiling – some of the grain produced is seedstock to be planted the following spring – some of the grain will be used throughout the next year – the dried grain can be stored for a long time without spoiling.

The corn grain parts are used in over 25 different products that consumers use regularly. Some things consumers use every day has some part of the corn or soybean grain included in them. God has allowed scientist to develop these products – products to make life easier.
As fall comes here in northern Indiana the changes are exciting and interesting to see the changes that occurs to God’s non-moral creation – changes that have been designed into the non-moral creation – changes that allow the creation to survive the changes in the seasons to continue to exist continuously. God in His creation made the four seasons Spring – Summer – Fall – Winter – certain things happen to Gods creation during each of these seasons just part of the original design.

Do you recognize God in the non-moral creation – the plants, animals and nature?

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